Writer's Boot Camp "…combines a knowledge of most of the techniques out there (the morning pages, unconscious writing, moving the hand stuff...the Camerons, Goldbergs and Gilberts) with the essential pragmatism and routine required to take an idea from just that to something more concrete...distills a great deal of information into a very portable and usable package, which is not the least bit sentimental or romantic about the writing process. Most students still believe in the myth of being a 'great' writer and 'inspiration'; not enough of them grasp that they need to train themselves to behave in a particular way, all of the time, just as an athlete does. That is why it is so useful in teaching... a very faithful, and necessarily hard-hearted companion!" 

—Louise Tucker, Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing, Goldsmiths, University of London 


“Your book helped me get my life in order. I assessed my time, and realized I don't have a second to spare and have even less mental space. And that is OK, because on those rare moments I do, I want to be with my kids and have a semi-clean house. The assessment of priorities was fabulous - as was being honest about priorities. Now I feel pleased with getting some work writing done and playing Twister (as I did last night). It was a really cleansing, releasing experience. Being realistic/Being honest.” 

 —Morning Washburn