Rachel Federman

NYC writer & nonprofit consultant


I’m a patchwork writer mom. I work in minority education and write odd little books and open-ended essays. I have an M.A. in Literature from Fordham University and I studied literature and writing at Dartmouth College. My band, Dimestore Scenario, used to play around NYC. Most of the clubs are gone now. 

My heart soars to be included in this lovely anthology, coming out in October from Writers Resist and Running Wild Press.

Speaking of #ResistanceWriting, I was happy to get the chance to write these postcards based on the brilliant Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo. 

This workbook was another fun recent project and a follow-up to Writer's Boot Camp is now available here

This past fall I began a new yoga/writing project with my friend Kajal Jhaveri. You can find us oming and blogging here


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