About Me


I'm a writer-mom trying to live a simple, mindful life and mindful of how often I fail. In my first job after college I wrote constituent letters for Senator Kerry about the Cape Cod National Seashore. When I moved to New York I founded High Impact Philanthropy with my dad. Together we wrote grants that helped raise over $40 million for nonprofits, mainly in the field of minority education. I also worked as an editor for six years. After becoming a mother, I became concerned about the lack of time for kids to play, the pressures of the testing culture and the push for “college-readiness” in preschool. My blog Last American Childhood advocates for a simpler approach to child-raising and my satirical gift books Test Your Dog’s IQ  and Test Your Baby poke fun at our culture's achievement obsession. I'm working on all kinds of stuff. I'm always a bit scattered. I'm trying to reign it in.